Water for Buvuma

Buvuma (Uganda), categorized as hard to reach and serve, is an economically disadvantaged island district located with-in Lake Victoria. The district has an estimated 135,500 people living on 52 islands scattered in the largest fresh water later without grid electricity. The mainland is accessible by a ferry and the other islands by private boats. The main economic activities in the island district include fishing, logging and charcoal burning business.

Despite being centrally located in Lake Victoria, the second biggest sweet water reservoir in the world, and experiencing abundant rainfall during the year, the district still grapples with limited access to safe water. Only 36% of the population has access to safe water. The rest of the population uses unsafe water direct from the lake. Lake water is shared with animals besides, community people bathe and wash within the lake, rendering the water unsafe. As a result, hygiene related illness such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid are very common among the island residents.

The Ministry of Water through the ATC have plans to construct one compact safe water supply technology in Lukale LC1 to serve Nairambi Seed School and the neighboring communities. This is a pilot project for study purposes with hopes to have more replications in the scattered islands.

With your help, these plans can become reality.
Please help to make more clean and safe water available for the people of Buvuma now!

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